Rumorville Central: Raw


Mike Johnson, from PWInsider, reported that MVP traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to seek additional medical attention.  MVP was seen on crutches.  There is no timetable for his return and no additional comments if MVP would make it back on time for WWE Elimination PPV.

Shane McMahon was on Raw to announce the Elimination Chamber match ups along with Adam Pearce.  Later in the show, Braun Strowman made an appearance.  He was upset that he was not chosen to participate in the chamber match.  Strowman reminded Pearce what happened a month ago in order to force him to make a decision.  Should he not do anything about it, he may confront Shane.  

The Elimination Chamber is this Sunday and no word of a seventh man in the chamber.  Therefore, this can be a setup for a McMahon vs. Strowman for WrestleMania.  

Bo Dallas is still with the WWE.  He is still listed in the active roster.  However, it has been over a year since he last wrestled.  Dallas was suppose to take time off away from the company to redefine himself.  Rumor speculated that he would team up with Bray Wyatt.  Since his last appearance, Dallas has been a no show due to lack of creativity to land a spot in a storyline.  The WWE has released several superstars; yet, Dallas is still collecting a pay check.  

Lastly, as written in a previous blog, Damian Priest has made a great impression to the legends and current superstars.  Priest received commendations from Edge, Kane, and Triple H.  It seems as though Priest will receive a big push after WrestleMania.