Rumorville: Judgement Day may have a member leave


On the NXT Deadline, Dragon Lee defeated "Dirty" Dominik Mysterio to become the new North American Champion. Wes Lee was supposed to be his opponent but could not compete due to injuries. Lee grabbed the opportunity, and the luchador will most likely remain at NXT. However, what will happen with Dirty Dom and Judgement Day?

The Judgement Day is the dangerous faction at this moment. But with the loss of one title from Dominik be the start of their fall? Rumors are speculating that one member may leave the group. Many are convinced that Damian Priest is the guy to distance himself and continue his journey to become a world champion. After all, he is the money in the bank winner, waiting for his opportunity to cash the briefcase. However, Dominik has been the weakest link in the group.

Dominik has yet to be able to win a clean match by himself. At NXT Deadline, Dominik could not help but be distracted as his dad, Rey Mysterio, observed from the commentary area. That can be an excuse; he continues to have Rey as his deadbeat dad. How long can that be an excuse?

A real possible scenario could be when Dominik versus Rey is at WrestleMania, a rematch. In a journal, Deryl Goldenberg, a Ph.D. in Psychology, stated that men face the truth about their father-son bond. They experience both pain and liberation. In this case, Dominik can emerge with a stronger sense of his identity and the "rite of passage" to what he is and not to what he is supposed to be for others. CM Punk and Cody Rhodes repeatedly mention finishing the story or finishing what was started. It is time for Rey and Dominik to complete their internal family story. The only way to do that is for Dominik to separate or be forced out of Judgment Day.