SCW Q&A Episode 37


#AskSCW Q&A Episode 37! Answering your questions in the wrestling community! Get following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even subscribe to SCW on YouTube and put in your wrestling questions for the next episode! Answering questions on WWE, NXT, AEW, Impact Wrestling, NWA & More! This week's topics include... 

* Mike Tyson vs Chris Jericho In AEW? 

* Jeff Hardy DUI Storyline on WWE SmackDown 

* One More Push For Jeff Hardy? 

* Undertaker's Last Match In WWE 

* Adam Cole WWE Future 

* Undisputed Era Break Up? 

* The Way AEW & WWE Use Fans At Shows 

* Auska vs Charlotte Flair At WrestleMania 37 

* Pit Fight Cage On NXT 

* Deonna Purrazo On Impact Wrestling 

* How Big Can NWA Powerr Get? 

* The SmackDown Hacker Latest 

* Favourite Macho Man Randy Savage Moments! 

* NXT TakeOver In Your House 

* Next NXT Champion 

* Timothy Thatcher vs Pete Dunne? 

* Matt Riddle On SmackDown 

* Kurt Angle Future 

* WWE Banning The Buckle Bomb! 

* Brian Cage AEW World Champion? 

* Thoughts On AEW TNT Championship 

* Samoa Joe On Commentary! 

Steve @SCW_Steve
Steve @SCW_Steve