SEC's Tennessee Cancels Army 2022


The Army football team was scheduled to play in Knoxville, Tennessee on September 17, 2022.  However, the Tennessee Vols pulled the plug and will not play.  Multiple sources stated that Tennessee is scared to play Army and would rather choose a school they can beat on.  

Tennessee is the only school in the SEC to cancel a future game. Here are the following SEC top games for 2022:

Alabama vs Utah State, Texas

Arkansas vs Cincinnati, BYU

Auburn vs San Jose State, Penn State

Florida vs Utah

Georgia vs Oregon

LSU vs Florida State

Missouri vs Kansas State

Texas A&M vs Miami

Tennessee's only opponent could had been a huge challenge but would rather settle for less in Akron.  Paul Finebaum found it embarrassing for the university to cancel its game.  

Army is a program that have Cadets representing the nation.  These cadets do not have a promising path to the NFL.  They go on to serve our grateful nation with honor, integrity, and selfless service.  Overall, playing teams like Army, Navy, and Air Force is a tribute to the troops.  Tennessee Volunteers should change their nickname from Volunteers to heebie-jeebies.