Should there be a Women's Intercontinental Championship; Fantasy Tournament

Chyna, first woman to win the Intercontinental Championship in WWE
Chyna, first woman to win the Intercontinental Championship in WWE


The Intercontinental Championship was established in WWE on September 1, 1979. Pat Patterson became the first to be awarded the prestige title. He held the North American heavyweight championship while winning the South American title. The WWF (now WWE) named the title the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. The title is considered the second most important championship after the WWE Championship. However, other titles, such as the Universal title and the United States Championship, can be voted differently, depending on how the storylines and competition is set out to be.

Pedro Morales became the first superstar to win the title twice and held it for 425 days. In 1987, The Honky Tonk Man won the title and had it for 454 days.

Razor Ramon became the first superstar to win the IC title for the third and fourth time.

Overall, only three superstars have ever held the title over 400 days. Gunther is the champion and the next superstar to break the record. He is currently at 392+ days. For Gunther to break the record, he will have to defeat Drew McIntyre at Summerslam and win all matches, including WWE Payback which is scheduled for September 2, 2023.

There is plenty of history to read and talk about the Intercontinental Championship. However, what about the women in the WWE? Should they make history as well?

Should WWE introduce a Women's Intercontinental Championship?

Yes! There are plenty of talented female superstars on the roster that are well deserved to be a champion. The HHWShow presents a fantasy intercontinental championship tournament with 62 female superstars from Raw, Smackdown, and NXT rosters. It is only fair for the WWE to establish the title since Chyna won the men's IC title in October 1999 over Jeff Jarrett at No Mercy.

Like Pat Patterson, he earned the title by being victorious in the North and South Americas. Today, superstars around the globe can compete continent by continent. They can proclaim the title won, be the longest reigning champion, win the tournament to earn the title or create a history of the championship. The HHWShow Podcast will start the fantasy Women's Intercontinental Championship, round by round, in a blog and audio podcast.