Smackdown 6.25 Preview


On Smackdown, it will be the first episode from Hell in a Cell PPV as WWE focuses on Money in the Bank pay per view.  Qualifying matches will take place for superstars to clinch there way to the ladder match - a chance to win the briefcase and capture a world championship of their choice.  Other storylines and cards scheduled for Smackdown listed:

Roman Reigns to celebrate his victory

Universal Champion Roman Reigns defeated and successfully retained his title over Rey Mysterio in a Hell in a Cell match last Friday.  The Head of the Table demonstrated his abilities that he did not need any help to win.  Jimmy Uso acknowledge his status.  Tonight, Reigns is set to schedule his victory.  But as we are all familiar with this kind of event, which superstar can disrupt the celebration?  

Dominik Mysterio may seek revenge from the brutal attack he suffered a couple of weeks ago when he was thrown over the ropes by Reigns.  With Rey Mysterio suffering from a brutal match, can Dominik place himself in Reigns radar and force him to a match for MITB?  

Or, could this be a family affair issue?  Jey Uso was not available last week when the three had their dispute.  Jey had enough and felt too much pressure to please his brother and cousin.  Anything can happen and I expect a big surprise during Reigns' celebration.  

Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews vs. Big E

This will be their sixth singles match as both will square off to qualify for the MITB Ladder match.  Crews defeated Big E in a Nigerian Drum Match at WrestleMania to capture the Intercontinental Championship.  

The scheduled match seems to be off track or not logical to be a match.  If Big E were to win this match, why would he not be crowned champion and head to MITB?  Regardless, the match will happen and Big E will be faced with a great challenge.  It will be not so much about Crews but more about Commander Azeez.  Azeez has a greater interest to ensure Crews wins all his matches.  

Prediction:  A miracle for Big E to win.

Other match cards:

Mixed Tag Team - Cesaro & Bianca Belair vs. Seth Rollins & Bayley

Could there be other qualifying matches for both men and women matches?  Stay tune for tonight and the HHWShow reaction.