Smackdown Feb. 23, 2024 Spoiler before EC


On Saturday morning in the east coast of the United States, it will be coffee and breakfast while watching the WWE Elimination Chamber.  Therefore, it is important to get your beauty sleep for the morning action on Peacock-WWE.  

Friday Night Smackdown is taped and will be aired.  However, the WWE Superstars, crews, and staff will be in Australia.  John Shepherd, of PWInsider, reported the spoiler

Liv Morgan vs. Tiffany Stratton: Bianca Belair was at ringside. Tiffany wins with a cradle after Liv and Bianca collide.

Bron Breakker vs, an unnanounced opponent (Dante Chen): Bron wins in a squash. I didn't see the finish because I turned my head for five seconds.

Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonough vs. Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne: Bate & Dunne win with a double power bomb on JD. Post match, Finn Balor and Damian Priest come out and try to attack, but Bate & Dunne slide out, get away, and hit Dom & JD in the entryway on their way to the back.

Street Profits w B-Fab & Bobby Lashley vs. Authors Of Pain w Paul Ellering, Scarlett, & Karrion Kross: AOP win with the power bomb/neckbreaker combo. Kross pushed Montez Ford off the top leading to the pin. Lashley attacked Kross after he interfered, but Kross smashed Lashley's elbow into the post a couple of times and then hit the arm with a chair while it was against the post.

LA Knight vs. Drew McIntyre: Reunion of The Rising, just missing Micah! Before the match starts, Logan Paul comes out for commentary. Aboutbl five minutes into the match, Kevin Owens comes from the back and joins commentary. There was no announced decision. Drew was thrown into Logan, then Knight was thrown into Owens, Owens attacks Drew. Then KO, LA, Drew, and Logan all fight in the ring. Bobby Lashley, with his elbow taped, comes out from the back and spears everyone except Drew, who hits a claymore on Lashley. Then Randy Orton comes from somewhere that I didn't see and hits Drew with an RKO out of nowhere to end the show.