Smackdown June 25 Review


WWE Smackdown scheduled three main match cards:

Roman Reigns' Championship Celebration

MITB qualifier - Big E vs Apollo Crews

Mixed tag team match - Cesaro & Bianca Belair vs. Seth Rollins & Bayley

The show started with Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso.  The family that is suppose to stick together did not happen.  Jimmy briefed Reigns that Jey Uso is not coming back to Smackdown.  It is unknown if it is for good or that he is taking some time to clear his thoughts.  In the meantime, Jimmy has to prove his loyalty with Roman Reigns.  

Bayley & Rollins defeated Belair & Cesaro

After the match, Seth Rollins went backstage and confronted Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville.  Rollins finally spoke the truth.  He does deserve to be the number one contender for the Universal Championship.  Furthermore, Rollins is the man that can eliminate the head of the table.  While Deville and Pearce will think about it, one had to wonder what could possibly happen at Reigns' celebration.  

Big E defeated Apollo Crews

Big E clinches his way to the MITB Ladder Match.  It is still unknown if Big E will get a chance for the Intercontinental Championship in the near future.  

Womens' MITB

Sonya Deville announced that Carmella is the first representative for the MITB Ladder match for Smackdown.  Liv Morgan upset with the decision matched up with Carmella.  Morgan had the last laugh and came out victorious.

Expect Liv Morgan to be added to the Ladder match.  

Jimmy Uso defeated Dolph Ziggler

In closing

During Roman Reign's celebration, Edge made a surprise appearance and went on full assault at Reigns.  

In summary, Seth Rollins will have to wait in line until the feud between Roman Reigns and Edge is finalized.  However, Rollins can intervene and overt back to his gimmick.  He can go psycho and seek out Edge.  This storyline can go at any direction.  

My prediction:  I can see a Reigns vs. Edge at MITB PPV.  And if things get out of hand, maybe Jimmy Uso vs, Seth Rollins.  Remember, it was Jimmy who kicked Rollins during Rollins/Cesaro match over a month ago.  

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