Smackdown: New Tag Team Champions


On June 5, 2020 Smackdown on FOX, a surprising victory by Sasha Banks and Bayley as they defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to become the new and two-time tag team champions.  

Last week, the Smackdown women's champion and The Boss crashed "The Moment of Bliss Show."  Bayley volunteered Banks for a match versus Bliss.  With Banks winning that match, it setup a tag team championship.   

During the match, there seemed to be a miscommunication with Bayley and Banks.  Banks applied the thunder on Cross but Bayley had already tagged in.  Banks was disappointed but managed to stay on the same page and not allow any animosity to develop.  Bayley stopped Bliss from entering the ring while Banks pinned Cross for the win.  

The new champions make another history for the women's division by becoming two-time champs.  However, how long will it take for them to hold on to the titles?  

There can be a rematch soon and why not be at the next PPV, Backlash!

The results of the remaining Smackdown matches:

Otis defeated King Corbin by disqualification

Lacey Evans defeated Sonya Deville

Drew Gulak upset AJ Styles

Braun Strowman got his revenge on the Miz and Morrison

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