Smackdown Preview and Prediction 03.06


Lacey Evans/Naomi vs Bayley/Sasha Bank

Bayley and Sasha have been on top of Smackdown for quite some time. Naomi returned to ring action and has done very well. However, Naomi lost her chance to win the title at Super Showdown. Lacey Evans returns to help out Naomi and perhaps get another opportunity for the world title. But there is this rumor going around social media that Sasha and Bayley may face each other at WrestleMania. I do not know if this is true but that would be a big turn to spike up the Smackdown Women's Division.

Prediction: Sasha and Bayley find a way to cheat for victory.

FireFly Fun House as advertised.

On RAW, it was mentioned that Bray Wyatt will be on Smackdown Live on FOX. The Fiend lost to Goldberg and lost the Universal title. I do not believe the title was that important for The Fiend as he had no importance of the title. On twitter this is what Bray had to say:

"To my mockingbird, Not a loss, but instead a sacrifice. He wasn't a chapter in my tale. I began with a mission. And now I'm where I was supposed to be. You'll see."

Bray Wyatt is scheduled to challenge John Cena at WrestleMania 36.

Prediction: There is no telling if John Cena will be on Smackdown. But we will know that Bray will have plenty to say on the show.

WWE Elimination Chamber final entrance on the line in Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Here are the participants of the match:


Heavy Machinery

Lucha House Party

The Usos

The New Day

And the Smackdown Tag Team Champions - Miz/Morrison

The winner of the gauntlet match will be last or number 6 to enter the elimination chamber.

Prediction and Reaction: The last team to enter this match will win. I would like to see that the order of the elimination chamber will be based on who gets eliminated in order on Friday.

The NWO (Kevin Nash, Razor Ramon, and X-Pac) will appear on "A Moment of Bliss" with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. There is no word as of yet about Hulk Hogan.

Lastly, Sheamus did state two weeks ago that he will be in the Elimination Chamber.  Will we find out if there is a third Chamber?  If so, here is a good possibility for the match: Sheamus, King Corbin, Shorty G, Apollo Crews, Mustafa Ali, and Daniel Bryan.