Smackdown Reaction 02.07


It was announced on Monday night RAW that Goldberg would make an appearance on Smackdown. The universe wants to know who is next. I happened to make a prediction but was way off based. The number one contender's match was set for Bayley's next opponent and what about Roman Reigns and King Corbin? Will they settle their score one last time? Here is my reaction to Smackdown episode 02.07.

The Miz and John Morrison returned with their segment "Dirt Sheets." They introduced an internal segment called "Once Upon A Time" trailer that was very humorous. The New Day interrupted the show adding their verbal altercations with the number one contenders. The Usos, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode came through as well.

My prediction was on point. Miz and Morrison stated the fact that they have been dominating over New Day. Although New Day stood their ground claiming that they will win their match, Miz and Morrison attacked them and escaped out of the ring. The hype is there and it should be an awesome match at Super Showdown.

The Usos defeated Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

This match should have ended their feud. There was no King Corbin or Roman Reigns to interfere. Both teams gave a stardom performance but the Usos ended it with a victory. Look out for the Usos to get their hands on Miz and Morrison. As per the opening of the show, Miz and Morrison stated that they defeated everyone. Usos reminded them they have never won against the Usos.

Elias defeated Cesaro

Elias settled the score from last week. Cesaro attempted to attack Elias last week, only to get outpowered. Sami Zayn on the sidelines backing up Cesaro, stressed out because of last week's interruption, hoped that Cesaro can put an end to Elias. Elias was great and won his match.

This is a big step for Elias. Elias may be setting up for a big match in the near future. As for Cesaro, I wish he played a different role. He is an underrated superstar.

Goldberg/The Fiend

Goldberg announced that his next target will be The Fiend for the Universal Championship at Super Showdown. I was surprised on his next target and left me wondering if the scenario can lead to another superstar for WrestleMania.

Bray Wyatt joined in the interview as he interrupted the single interview with his Firefly Funhouse Breaking News. The Fiend accepted the challenge.

Is this going to be a set up for the Undertaker? I made a prediction that The Undertaker and The Fiend would be an epic match. This would be a retirement match for the Undertaker should they add a casket match. Undertaker and Goldberg match up at Super Showdown 2019. Should the Fiend get past Goldberg, will Undertaker be next? I am sticking to my prediction.

Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater

Bryan is still feeling emotional with his loss to The Fiend. Slater is just that guy that you wish you never talked too since he likes to run his mouth. Slater may have thought he was trying to be there for him but his words caused Bryan to have a match.

Although Bryan's attitude has changed, the Yes movement continues but for how long? We should worry about Bryan's path.

Braun Strowman and Shinske Nakamura

I was not looking forward to a rematch. I was surprised to see The Revival appearing side by side with Sami Zayn. Strowman is the Monster Among Men but being outnumbered five to one is not cool. Strowman has no allies to help him out. The rematch will more likely take place at Super Showdown. I do not see Strowman losing the title anytime soon.

Sheamus defeated Apollo Crews

This is the Crew's first match on television in 2020. However, he is more of a jobber than a superstar. Sheamus won quickly. His anger got far beyond him that after the match, he wanted to punish Crews even more. Shorty G tried to come to the rescue but received the Brogue Kick.

I do not understand why Shorty G will continue to chase Sheamus. He has lost twice and does not look like he will surpass Sheamus.

Carmella winner of Fatal-4-way

This is a big surprise. Naomi had a storyline developing only to lose the match. Carmella is the winner and maybe this will be a great opportunity for Carmella and Bayley storyline to focus on getting Bayley to be babyface.