Smackdown Reaction 02.22


Five days before Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, WWE Smackdown is set with their match cards. Here are the following results and reaction on Super Smackdown on FOX:

Eight-Man Tag Team Match...Jey Uso pinned Robert Roode

The Usos kicked off the show introducing The New Day. Both teams had friendly, but challenging verbal smacks in which can be a possibility of another New Day/Usos Special. The Miz and John Morrison interrupt as they proclaim they are the best tag team in the decade. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode join the party to set up an eight-man tag team match. The action was great and Jey Uso flattened Roode for the win.

Reaction: There is a rumor that these four tag teams will match at WrestleMania 36 for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. For now, it looks like the New Day may retain their titles after Super Showdown and continue to build up the storyline in a four-way. Usos took the initiative to comment on the titles of the New Day warming the belts for them. The Miz stated that they will win and gossip on social media and in the ring about the Usos. The New Day struggles individually to stop Miz/Morrison. Ziggler and Roode are just in the picture piggy-backing Roman Reigns/King Corbin storyline in which they keep battling the Usos. At Super Showdown, I expect The New Day to retain their titles and lose the titles at WrestleMania.

Mandy Rose storyline

Rose is the center of attention in a romance feud. Otis and Rose were supposed to have a date on Valentine's Day. However, Ziggler cockblocked Otis by taking his seat beside Rose. Otis's heartbroken soul is felt all over the WWE Universe. Tucker went face to face with Fire & Desire stating Otis is the nicest man he knows. Tucker wanted to know why Rose texted Otis about being late. However, Rose has no idea of any extra activity on her part or that of Ziggler's purpose.

Many men experience heartbreaking romance. In such, things get complicated because the main two people involved are not communicating. When you add outside people in your business, issues start to escalate, assumptions are driven, and nobody knows the entire truth. The matter gets worse and worse. Let's see how this storyline carries over for next week.

Strowman and Elias defeated Nakamura and Cesaro

The symphony of the Destruction match was total of destruction as all four superstars left the ring with bruises, scratches, and cuts. Elias flew from the top ropes and elbow dropped Cesaro through the table. Strowman performed his signature on Nakamura from the top of the announcer's table and onto the piano. Stowman pinned Nakamura for the win. Off-camera, Nakamura was seen by the medical team.

Reaction: This storyline will end when Nakamura receives his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. Once this storyline is over, I am predicting that Sheamus will make a move and do something big to get a match card with Braun Strowman for the Intercontinental Championship.

(NOTE) Sheamus announced that he will enter the Elimination Chamber. As previously reported by many sources, the six men shown on the Elimination Chamber display were not shown of Sheamus. Never believe what is posted if it is not from WWE.

Hall of Fame

The Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie) were introduced by Alexa Bliss as the new inductees for the 2020 Hall of Fame. The twins will join the NWO and Bautista.

Reaction: The people would disagree for the Bellas to be inducted so quickly. Other superstars to consider for the vote are Chyna (individual award), Stephanie McMahon, and others. But, the Bellas do have an impressive resume to earn a Hall of Fame entry.

Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater

No Reaction

Naomi defeated Carmella

Naomi executed the blockbuster and delivered a split-legged moonsalt for the victory.

Reaction: There was no doubt that Naomi was going to win. A storyline was built for this match to happen. It just happened to be prolonged with Carmella in the middle. Naomi will face the champion, Bayley at Super Showdown. This will be the first real action in Saudi Arabia. (Lacey Evans and Natalya broke the barriers to allow women to wrestle in Saudi Arabia. Their performance was a dog & pony show to show the country that women can compete.)

Goldberg and The Fiend collide

Goldberg spears The Fiend to show that he is not scared and that he is fearless.

Predictions on Super Showdown will be on Tuesday. Follow the podcast, Hard Hittin Wrestling Show, as the crew will announce their predictions.