Smackdown Result and reaction 09.11


Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles end in a no contest

Hardy and Styles battled for the Intercontinental Championship when Sami Zayn interfered the match.  Zayn wanted the match to change as an exhibition match.  After security enforced their ruling to kick out Zayn, he would later disobey and disrupt the match.  

It is clear that the future match at Clash of Champions will be a triple threat match between Hardy, Styles, and Zayn.  Who will be the actual IC Champ is still unknown.  WWE recognizes Hardy as the champion and Zayn as a competitor that relinquished the title for taking absence.  However, Zayn has other plans and theories to claim he is the ultimate champion.  

Lucha House Party defeated the Smackdown Tag Team Champions

Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro were distracted from the Street Profits's celebration backstage.  As they set their eyes on the Raw Tag Team Champions for Raw, the Smackdown Tag team Champions took their eyes off the challengers.  Therefore, the two tag team champions will battle on Monday.  I would not be surprised if Nakamura and Cesaro defend their titles next week on Smackdown against the Lucha House Party.  

Nikki Cross defeated Alexa Bliss, Tamina, and Lacey Evans

Cross's win sets up a number one contender versus the Smackdown Women's Champion.  Cross was able to overcome a deliberate sister abigail from Alexa Bliss, and continue to battle.  She pinned Tamina for the win. 

Cross is 1-8 (Wins-Losses) against Bayley.  Her only win happened on the June 25, 2019 Smackdown episode.  Cross is 0-4 when battling Bayley for the championship title.  Cross will receive another chance at Clash of Champions.  Should Cross lose again, will she become Sanity?

Otis defeated John Morrison

It seems as Morrison and Miz's concern is the MITB briefcase.  Each time they try to steal for the contract, Otis outsmart them by placing it in a secure case.  Many wonder as to how will the MITB contract be cashed.  

Roman Reigns & Jey Uso defeated Sheamus & King Corbin

It is surprising that Sheamus and Corbin are talking after a brief feud.  reigns and Uso tag team but there is something missing between them two.  Somehow, Reigns could make an impact as to a greater heel but the brakes are on.  It is a family match, cousin vs cousin, for clash of champions.  With Sheamus and Corbin in the picture, it is a fill in as to add a storyline that has no direction.  


Bayley is the longest reigning WWE Smackdown Women's Champion.  She is going on 328+ days and will continue the streak.  Bayley claimed that she knew what Sasha Banks was up too and that is the reason why she had to assault her.  She stated that the friendship was all a lie and it was only to get close to her so that she can get her hands on the title.  

There is no word as to when Banks will return for competition.  When she does, it will be a memorable one for the champion.