Smackdown Result and Reaction (June 11)


Ding Dong, Hello! Let the fun times begin.  Smackdown, the leading and top pro-wrestling brand on television elevated another show that brought entertainment on a Friday night.  

It started with Jimmy Uso, who opened up the event, sent a stringent message to the Head of the Table.  He was frustrated about the actions that took place a week prior.  Roman Reigns interfered in the match that prevented the Usos to win the Smackdown Tag Team titles from the Mysterios.  Jimmy called out Reigns as a jealous and self-centered person.  

Later, Reigns and Usos meet in the locker room.  Jey Uso was so frustreated to pleasing everyone that he walked away.  That left Reigns and Jimmy to discuss their issues.  However, the twist turned in favor in Reigns as he kept repeating, "Why would you do this to your brother?"  Jimmy seemed to realize that all his efforts to bring back The Usos as contenders and the hate to Reigns; well, he went at it in the wrong direction.  

Furthermore, Rey Mysterio issued a challenge to Roman Reigns for a match at Hell in a Cell.  Out of nowhere, Rey smacks Reigns with a kendo stick.  Dominik came to help as well by hitting him with a kendo stick as well.  However, Reigns was the last man standing.  

Kevin Owens & Big E defeated Sami Zayn & Apollo Crews.  Owens stunned Zayn for the win.  After the match, it was Zayn that got knocked out by Commander Azeez.

Liv Morgan gets even with Carmella.  Morgan landed the Oblivion for the win.  After the match, Carmella had the announcer acknowledge that she is, "Most Beautiful Woman in WWE."

During the Ding Dong segment, the Character Generator Operator and the Television Producer are in a hot seat after displaying Brock Lesnar's name instead of Bayley.  

Cesaro rings the doorbell and surprises Seth Rollins with a right hook.   Cesaro continued his attack on Rollins as Rollins loses his pants.  

Other matches that happened:

Otis disrupts Montez Ford and Chad Gable match and assaulted Ford.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated King Corbin.  Next week, Nakamura vs. Corbin for the Crown.