Smackdown result and reaction


On Smackdown, Randy Orton warned Paul Heyman that he would reintroduce the most famous three letters in sports entertainment to Roman Reigns - R...K...O! Orton followed through with his words as he struck down all three opponents after the main event.

Orton defeated Solo Sikoa by pinfall after hitting the RKO. Jimmy Uso tried to interfere, but that brought out LA Knight. In the ring, Knight punched AJ Styles. Orton looked on as he RKO'd Knight and Styles. Reigns appeared out of nowhere and super-punched Orton. Just when Reigns was about to spear Orton, the Viper countered and hit the RKO that left Reigns laid out.

The tensions between the four men are phenomenal. One week from Saturday, all four will be in a fatal four-way as Reigns defends his championship at the Royal Rumble.

*note - Should this match lead off the show, there is a greater chance for three of the four to participate in the Royal Rumble. It is predicted that Reigns will retain the title and force Orton, Knight, and Styles to enter the Royal Rumble.

What are your thoughts?

When someone talks excessively, it's called compulsive talk or oversharing. It can be a personality trait, but it can also be a sign of a mental health condition.  For Bayley, she may be trying to hard to still lead Damage CTRL.  It is only a matter of time that the group will dismiss Bayley should she fail to win the Royal Rumble.   

Smackdown Results:

Legado de Fantasma defeated LWO

British Strong Style defeated Pretty Deadly - (Pete Dunne is back)

Logan Paul and Kevin Owens in the KO Show

Katana Chance and Kayeden Carter (C) defeated The Unholy Union

Carmelo Hayes vs Austin Theory scheduled for next Friday on Smackdown.