Smackdown Results and Reaction 02.28


John Cena returned to WWE Smackdown which did not surprise anyone for the increase in viewership and the sellout crowd in Boston. The purpose of Cena's return is to find out who will be his opponent. Also, Goldberg would appear on the show as he defeated The Fiend to become the new Universal Champion. Who would be next? Here are the results and reactions of Smackdown on Fox.


Goldberg kicked off the show asking "who's next." Roman Reigns came out and the Boston crowd was on their feet. Goldberg and Reigns standing in the ring, face-to-face and made it simple. Reigns stated, "I'm next!" and left the ring.

Reaction: Goldberg's victory over The Fiend was a strong indicator that supported previous podcast episodes that WWE is not ready to have Reigns vs Fiend. Instead, it will be the match card, Operation Spear, for the Universal Championship. I do not expect to see Goldberg every week on the show but alternating Reigns and Goldberg will be great for the show.

Bayley and Sasha Banks lose to Naomi and Lacey Evans

Bayley introduced Sasha Banks before her rematch with Naomi. However, Bayley attacked Naomi that brought out Lacey Evans.

Reaction: I am confused about this scenario. If you are looking for Sasha Banks vs Bayley WrestleMania match, this is not the way to go. Naomi lost to Bayley; therefore, she should step back and allow another superstar to step up. Lacey Evans' return means that we could see her challenge Banks and solve their unfinished business.

Should Banks and Bayley do match up at WrestleMania, something will go wrong at the Elimination Chamber PPV. I am predicting that Evans and Banks will have a match card set for the PPV.

Robert Roode defeated Kofi Kingston

Roode faked an action that convinced the referee to throw out Big E from the ring area. Ziggler's interference allowed Roode to score a win over Kingston. The Roode and Ziggler combo is working great as they performed a perfect heel.

Reaction: The Smackdown tag team division is set for the Elimination Chamber match. Regardless of the outcome of any tag team matches, it will be Miz and Morrison defending their titles against, Ziggler/Roode, The New Day, The Usos, Lucha House Party, and Heavy Machinery.

Braun Strowman

Strowman is set to defend the Intercontinental Title at the Elimination Chamber PPV. He will face Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. It will be a handicap match. In reality, it will be three on one since Zayn has a habit to get in the way.

Reaction: Expect Strowman to breeze by this match. Elias will appear to help Strowman should things get out of line. Then again, I am predicting for Sheamus to make some noise. With Reigns and Goldberg set for a match at WrestleMania, The IC title can be waiting for its number one contender. Sheamus stated a week ago he is entering the Elimination Chamber. Therefore, the second Chamber match will be for the number one spot IC championship.

Daniel Bryan defeated Curtis Axel

Reaction: I am waiting for the Bryan vs Gulak match. Gulak may have a 100 Powerpoint slide on how to make a superstar perform better but you must back it up. When will WWE set this match? This could be a last-minute scheduled match for Elimination Chamber, or maybe the two may be involved in the Chamber match. Stay tuned for these superstars.

The Usos defeated Miz and Morrison

The Usos did not take things lightly as they made a bold statement that they are the best tag teams in the business.

Reaction: Usos win gives them a boost to be favorites to take the titles away from Miz and Morrison. There are no other tag teams on their level.

John Cena Returns

Cena came out and addressed the WWE Universe that his role for WrestleMania will be different. The more he talked, the more it sounded that he will be retiring soon. Cena is one of the best superstars of all time and will land a Hall of Famer when the time comes. We also know he is a great actor. Let's not talk about retirement yet since we do expect him to reach the record for a 17-time world champion. As Cena left the ring saying good-bye, The Fiend appeared. What was different about the Fiend is that he did not attack Cena. He pointed at the WrestleMania sign. Cena looked and knew that this was a moment. Cena tipped his hat for confirmation. The challenge is accepted.

Reaction: Goldberg defeated The Fiend. One reason I assume happened was that The Fiend had no relations to Goldberg. Goldberg never did him wrong. Is that the Fiend's weakness? The Fiend or Bray Wyatt became the WWE Champion and had its episodes with Cena. However, Cena's last engagement with Wyatt was a loss at Madison Square Garden in a WWE Championship match. What does the Fiend have on Cena now? Stay tuned to the Funhouse show to know more.