Smackdown Results and Reaction 03.06


We are approximately 24 hours away before the Elimination Chamber and the WWE does not have a great all star match card for the event. Smackdown is supposed to seal the deal to get you pumped up for this Sunday. With Super Showdown evented a week ago, there is not much emphasis or attraction for the Chamber. Storylines are focused for WrestleMania. Despite the criticisms and rumors from the wrestling community, the show must go on. Here is the Smackdown results and reaction from March 6:

Moment of Bliss

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross hosted their show and had special guests, the NWO (New World Order - X-Pac, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall) to the ring. The NWO were the second inductees for the Hall of Fame, Class of 2020. Sami Zayn and company interrupted the show only to start something that they could not finish. Zayn continues to instigate and run his mouth but can't back it up. Braun Strowman gets a good piece of the action by taking out Cesaro and Shinske Nakamura. Zayn escapes after using Bliss as a shield.

Reaction: It comes to a point where Zayn is very annoying on the mic, draughting Cesaro and Nakamura in the process. NWO making their presence is a conformation that they respect Stowman. Strowman is on the right track.

Bayley and Sasha Banks defeat lacey Evans and Naomi

Bayley and Banks got their revenge with a victory. With great chemistry and in-ring performance from the superstars, Bayley and Banks had the upper edge by finding a way to stay on top.

Reaction: Clearly, there are no superstars in the Smackdown division greater than Bayley and Sasha Banks. Should both Bayley and Banks battle each other at Wrestlemania, the dedication to Bank's new album may be a strong indicator to what the lyrics to her music may explain on how she will turn on Bayley. How long will the Universe wait to know who will get the chance to challenge Bayley and her title at WrestleMania?

Sheamus dominate over Apollo Crews

Crews got his rematch after a disappointing loss in a handicap match with Shorty G against Sheamus. The match was not long as Sheamus wasted no time to remain the top superstar in Smackdown.

Reaction: How many times will we see Sheamus in a low card match? Sheamus is making hot promos but ends up matching against superstars that are not at his level. No disrespect to Crews or Shorty G, but it is time for big things for Sheamus. He is a former world champion and tag team champion. He seeks to become the ultimate grand slam winner and the only way to do that is to challenge Bruan Strowman. Could Sheamus join Sami Zayn and company to get that opportunity? I wonder if Sheamus will attack Strowman after his match in the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Fire & Desire defeat Carmella and Dana Brooke

The match was not that important. The real focus is Mandy Rose and the drama with Dolph Ziggler and Otis. Ziggler looks like he will be on Rose's side for a while as he continues to cock block Otis.

Reaction: I am waiting for Sonya Deville to express more of her emotions with Mandy Rose. Although she has been quiet, she is approving Ziggler to be Rose's man. Rose has no idea or cares about any excuses as she shows signs of selfishness and her needs. On the other hand, Otis is still crushed but looks focused on his upcoming match.

Carmella and Dana Brooke are the jobbers now. They are not low key athletes with no direction or path for WrestleMania (at least for now).

Firefly Funhouse

We know the true story behind Bray Wyatt's reason to challenge John Cena. On April 6, 2014, WrestleMania XXX, John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt. Six years later, Wyatt found Cena and looked to take his revenge on him. The year 2014 was not good for Wyatt as he seeks to finish Cena and possibly retire him for good.

Cena, accepting the challenge, seems to have a different attitude than most appearances. Cena likes to be goofy or have a comedian set attitude. This time, Cena is serious, upfront, and eager to challenge the Fiend. Could this be the last WrestleMania for John Cena?

Gauntlet Match

Heavy Machinery were hot in this match. They took out The New Day, Lucha House Party, The Usos, and tag team champs Miz and Morrison. Heavy Machinery received a beatdown from Miz and Morrison for being poor losers. Ziggler and Roode are the last team to enter the ring and defeated Heavy Machinery.

Reaction: It made sense on how the night went having Ziggler/Roode and Heavy Machinery last. The tag team champions Miz and Morrison lost back to back. Last week, they lost to the Usos and last night, they did not last long in the gauntlet match. Who will be the tag team champions after the Elimination Chamber? This may be the first time that a tag team champ may lose the title after winning it from a previous PPV which was a week ago.

*NOTE* A strange electric light has been seen constantly throughout the duration of the show. ONthie first seeing, the electric lighting appeared during the women's tag team match with Bayley/Banks vs Evans/Naomi. You saw it again during the Gauntlet Match.

The electric lighting is similar to the outline of Mustafa Ali. If so, what is the point or its purpose? This act has been doing for a past few months with no indication on what is coming.

**Daniel Bryan will challenge Drew Gulak at the Elimination Chamber.

***King Corbin and Elias exchanged some words. This could be a possible WrestleMania moment. Elias needs it as we would hear over 80,000 people shouting "Walk With Elias" and all the boos at King Corbin.