Smackdown Results and Reaction 05.15


Friday Night Smackdown had so many probabilities after the Money in the Bank Pay Per View. Otis won the briefcase and can cash in for a world title at any given time. Charlotte Flair would be on the show, and with the Intercontinental title vacant, who would be in the tournament? Friday night had a few twists in the storyline.

Elias defeated King Corbin.

For the past few months, both superstars had their feud. It seemed as though King Corbin always had the upper hand. Finally, they met in the ring and took part in the first round of the Intercontinental championship tournament. The winner will move on to take on the outcome of AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. As many will put it, Elias' purpose is vengeance. He did so by rolling up on Corbin for a three-count to win and advance to the semi-finals.

Reaction - The match was brilliant. We know that you should never mess around with Elias' guitar. That will motivate him and find his alternate energy to overcome any obstacles.

For King Corbin, he will go to RAW and challenge WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. There is no word if the move will be permanent. However, should Corbin remain on Smackdown, expect him to disrupt Elias in the semi-final match.

Dana Brooke defeated Naomi.

Reaction - I do not think anyone considers Brooke as a contender. Her role at this moment appears to be a filler card. With her victory, could WWE make a push for Brooke to be a champion?

Naomi had her rematch. Maybe, she thought Brooke's win was a fluke. Unfortunately, she lost again and has doubts about her future. On February 21, 2020, Naomi defeated Carmella to become the number one contender for the Smackdown Women's title. Since then, she has lost five of her last seven matches. How will she overcome her lack of success?

Daniel Bryan defeated Drew Gulak.

It has been a very long time since we have seen great sportsmanship in the ring. We had two technical wrestlers that put it all on the line as it was the final round of a tournament. Bryan and Gulak, in my opinion, wrestled in a 5-star match. Bryan came out at the winning side by forcing Gulak to tap out. Bryan advances to the semi-finals and awaits for the winner from Sheamus and Jeff Hardy in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament.

Charlotte Flair

Flair stirred up the pot and can be the key to get Sasha Banks to turn on Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley. Flair addressed her vanish style of being the top WWE Women's Division until Bayley had to remind her who defeated her last October.

The juicy part of the storyline is how Charlotte was able to get into Sasha Banks and Bayley's skin.

Charlotte stated, "She(Sasha) is the only reason you are the Smackdown women's champion. We were the first to main event Raw. We were the first to main event PPVs together."

Charlotte went on asking Banks if she was content to be at Bayley's corner. Banks is a six-time women's world champion, "The Boss," the blueprint, the future Hall of Famer. Charlotte pointed out all the facts about Banks that left her numb in place. Bayley, furious at Charlotte, offered her a challenge for next week. Charlotte accepted!

Reaction - Charlotte hit it dead on and out of the WWE Universe first by stating all the details. Why is Sasha Banks second to Bayley? What is the cause for Banks to become the person that she is? Do you know anyone in your local area, someone you know, who has experienced something similar to Sasha Banks? This topic will be ongoing and will be mentioned in the Hard Hittin' Wrestling Show Podcast.

Main Event

Otis' request to have Braun Strowman was accepted, and they went ahead and defeated Miz & Morrison. There is no answer as to what plans Otis has to cash in but it does not look like he is interested in the Universal title. Keep in mind, Otis can cash in at any time, including the tag team titles. Would Otis cash in the MITB with Tucker and win the tag team titles?

What are your thoughts on Friday Night Smackdown on FOX?