Smackdown Review 01.15


The biggest storyline in Smackdown is Roman Reigns and Adam Pearce. Paul Heyman found a way to get Pearce into a gauntlet match last week. Jey Uso and Roman Reigns orchestrated a victory for Peare to be the number one contender and challenge Reigns for the Universal title. However, things turned in favor of Pearce during the contract signing. Reigns wanted the last man standing match with Pearce. But Pearce had another plan and a smart play he executed. Pearce walked away with a limp. He blamed past knee injuries and showed that he was not 100% fit to be in the ring. As a result, Pearce declared that he could not compete, and Kevin Owens will be the replacement. Owens came out from backstage and signed the contract. Reigns was not too happy about it.

Here are the following results and comments about Smackdown:

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jey Uso.

Before the match, Uso declared himself for the Royal Rumble. During the match, Nakamura made him pay for what he had done the previous week. Nakamura had won the gauntlet match but was assaulted by Uso for the loss to Pearce. This time, karma hit well on Uso.

* Jey Uso seems to be the weakest link in the family. Uso has more losses than victories since he acknowledged Reigns as the head of the table. During the show, we saw Apollo Crews receiving advice from Reigns. While Crews' goal is to capture the Intercontinental Championship, Uso does not have a direction. Uso claims he will win the Royal Rumble and move to Raw to challenge Goldberg or Drew McIntyre. Uso should move to Raw because he will be exiled from the family if he continues his losing path. A loss to Nakamura hurts Uso's chances to advance in Smackdown. Not even Reigns can save him.

Natalya defeated Liv Morgan.

King Corbin defeated Rey Mysterio.

Dominik does not know how to stay still. He is like a young boy who does not follow directions when the parents give instructions. Dominik cost Rey the match but did not expect anything less. Corbin's year has to be 2021. He spent the majority of 2020 being defeated. It's time for the King to be the rising star of 2021. For Rey Mysterio, his time is coming soon to retire. How will he go out? There is no championship reign for him to chase. But if the storyline continues with him and his son, imagine if Dominik turns his back at his father? Young adults do not like too much advice from their dads. It's like they believe they cannot live without them. Let's see if the scenario heads in that direction.

Bayley and Bianca Belair

It was a great look to see a new segment for Bayley. You know if a superstar has their segment, they are locked. The Miz, MVP, and Chris Jericho had their own segments that are famously known. The Ding Dong, Hello special, is pretty cool. However, Bayley and Lealir obstacle course challenge is something that I am curious about and staying focused. Will these upcoming gigs make them close or build a huge rivalry?

Cesaro defeated Daniel Bryan.

Apollo Crews defeated Sami Zayn.

Crews looked strong during the match and looked to be the front-runner for a title shot and Big E. After receiving the words of wisdom from Paul Heyman last week and Roman reigns Friday night, we may see a different Apollo Crews.