Smackdown Review 09.04


The show kicked off with the new Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman.  Heyman goes on to rant about how unappreciated things handled on Roman Reigns.  He went on to state as to what is a champion and that a title should be be on "The Fiend."  Its all about responsibility of being a champion and everything that is about being a champion.  For Reigns, his place is no longer a yard.  The yard is now called, "The Island."

Heavy Machinery defeated Miz and Morrison

Otis pinned the Miz.  However, Morrison grabbed the MITB briefcase and ran off with it.  

Sheamus and Big E

Sheamus attacks Big E.  He slammed Big E on the windshield causing injury. 

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defeated Bayley and Sasha Banks

Jax jumped from the corner buckles and landed on Bayley and Banks.  She laid on both of them for the three count.  Jaz and Basler remain tag team champions.

After the match, Bayley snapped and brutally attacked Banks.  Banks, who was defenseless, could not get to her feet.  Bayley took advantage and continued to punch her, kick her, and focused on her injured knee.  Throughout the post match, no superstar or authority intervened to this drastic mental craziness of Bayley.  Lastly, Bayley took a move from Randy Orton's playbook as she stomped Bayley's head with char attached.  

Sami Zayn, Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles

While both Hardy and Zayn argue who is the champion, Styles interrupted and goes on offense.  Each take a shot at each other.  The future match of a possible triple threat match seems to be logical for Clash of Champions.  

 Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt announced that he will have someone on his show next week.  It is more than likely, Alexa Bliss may appear on the show.  Each week, Bliss's outfit is getting darker and darker.  

Fatal Four-Way Match

Since Big E was not able to compete, Jey Uso filled in the slot.  King Corbin, Sheamus, and Matt Riddle were the other competitors in the match for the number one contender for the Universal Championship.  

At the end, each superstar executed their signature moves. Uso had the last act as he launched from the top-rope and splashed on Riddle for the win.  The stage is set for Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso.