Smackdown Review 11.06


Sasha Banks defeated Bayley.

Banks put an end to the chapter with Bayley. The Boss was able to make Bayley tap out and retain the Smackdown Women's Championship. What is next?

Sasha Banks: After the match, Carmella sneak attacked Banks. Carmella's move is a bold one as she is alerting the entire WWE Universe that she is next in line for the title. Expect Carmella and Banks to go to war. I would love to see this match at TLC. That will all depend on how the storyline will take place.

Bayley: I believe her next move will be to join Team Smackdown for Survivor Series. Another option would be to somehow move to Raw. Bayley is not getting an opportunity for the title any time soon.

King Corbin defeated Rey Mysterio.

Corbin took advantage of all the distractions surrounding Mysterio. Besides, team Smackdown needs a big guy in the team compared to what Team Raw has at the moment.

King Corbin: There is not an active storyline for him at the moment. Feuding with Mysterio does not seem right when you have Seth Rollins and Murphy built up with Mysterio in the middle. Could we see Corbin and Rollins together? That is a long shot.

Mysterio: He has too much on his plate. Mysterio is trying to get his family matters in order but does not accept Murphy in the picture. Who would after losing an eye? It is a Daddy's nightmare to have a daughter have a relationship with someone he disapproves of.

Seth Rollins defeated Otis.

A twist in this match had many confused with Murphy appearing in the ring. Murphy caused a distraction to have Rollins win the match.

Rollins is in Team Smackdown. Could we see Murphy win his qualifying match and be partners with Rollins? That could be the plan. If so, Murphy can backstab Rollins and force a match for TLC. That would then have Rollins take time off from WWE and attend Becky Lynch and the new baby. Lynch is due in December.

Jey Uso defeated Kevin Owens.

Uso is playing a dirty game. He knows he does not like the idea of a faction with Roman Reigns. Uso low blew Owens and splashed from the top ropes to win the match. If there is anything we know about Owens, he will not let it rest and we could potentially see another match between them instead of trying to be teammates for Survivor Series.