Smackdown Results and Reaction 04.10


The Smackdown after Mania episode was fascinating and surprising. Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross enter tonight as the new champions. Sami Zayn and Miz & Morrison remain champions. What will happen tonight? Here are the results and reactions.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defeated The Kabuki Warriors

No surprise as the rematch had to happen. Kabuki Warriors looked dominant at the beginning but later faded away. Kairi Sane is the weakest link in the team as she took another pinfall. Cross executed the twisting neck breaker for the win.

Reaction: I find it so hard to see Asuka doing multiple roles at this point. She had a singles match with Liv Morgan, and now she is in a tag team match attempting to reclaim the titles. What is the direction for Asuka?

The Kabuki Warriors are no longer contenders for the tag team titles. I believe a break up with Asuka and Sane should happen and create more women tag teams.

And about new tag teams, Carmella and Dana Brooke got themselves in a match next week for the tag team titles. Nikki Cross jumped to quick with a decision and accepted the challenge. For Dana, she will have two matches for next week.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Tucker

Tucker aimed at getting back at Ziggler with video footage of Otis and Mandy Rose. During the match, Tucker punished Ziggler. However, Ziggler demonstrated resilience and super kicked Tucker for the win.

Reaction: Otis had already done the job at WrestleMania for payback. Tucker wanted a taste of victory because of his manhood. Sadly, he did not win. The real focus is Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Next week, they will meet in person.

Triple Threat Match Scheduled

The Miz missed out at WrestleMania because he suffered an injury in the storyline. In reality, he was sick. Because there was a triple threat match for the titles with each team representing one man, there will be another title defense for the opposite. Jey Uso, Big E, and The Miz will go at it in a triple threat for the tag team titles.

Reaction: I was hoping for Heavy Machinery or Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak to step up and compete. We get the same tag teams for the titles. And being that it is so, is there a setup? What will happen if Miz loses the belts? Will Morrison turn on Miz like Miz did years ago? If either Usos or New Day lose again, will they or one of the tag teams move to RAW? There is a crazy scenario that is about to happen.

The Forgotten Sons defeated Lucha House Party

Steve Cutler, Jaxson Ryker, and Wesley Blake made their Smackdown debut and knocked off the Lucha House Party.

Reaction: It is surprising to see The Forgotten Sons in Smackdown. Usually, superstars that achieve the ultimate milestone would transfer to a different brand. The Forgotten Sons never held a title in the three years as tag teams in NXT. Maybe the move had to do with The Revivals released from WWE. It is not clear how long it will take them to be championship contenders, but I hope they are not forgotten like the Revivals.

As for Lucha House Party, they continue to be the jobbers for the tag team division.

Tamina vs. Sasha Banks next week

Bayley's big mouth is about to get Banks in trouble. The match scheduled by Bayley has a stipulation. Should Tamina defeated Banks next week, she will have a match vs. Bayley for the Smackdown Women's title.

Reaction: Bayley's mouth is what will make Banks turn on her. Bayley keeps saying "I" and then "We" when in reality, she is still champion only because of Banks.

Tamina is getting a big push to the TV screen. While she is making a great impression, so is her former tag team partner Nia Jax in RAW.

Sheamus defeated Cal Broom

Sheamus brogue kicked Broom, and that was a wrap.

Reaction: I expect Sheamus to be involved in the Money in the Bank. He can make the change, and instead of going for the world title, he can cash in for the Intercontinental title.

Cal Bloom looked like a younger version of Triple H. He is an NXT superstar that filled in for the beat down.

Braun Strowman defeated Shinsuke Nakamura 

Strowman handled his business and put the craziness away. No more Cesaro and no more Nakamura. The focus is now with Bray Wyatt.

Reaction: I thought Strowman was safe, but that is not the case. Bray Wyatt's funhouse came to life after the match, and Wyatt had some words to say. Strowman needed to apologize, and Bray would leave him alone. That did not happen. Now, Bray wants the Universal title back and will have to do so against Strowman.

For Strowman, this is not looking good for him. He did not last long as an IC Champion, and it seems like he may lose the title quickly with "The Fiend."

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