Smackdown Review and Reaction


Friday Night Smackdown on FOX started with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross - A Moment of Bliss. Their guest, Braun Strowman, made an appearance to discuss the issues with Bray Wyatt. However, Strowman found a present, opened it, and found his old black sheep mask from the time he was with the Wyatt family.

Reaction: Next week, Smackdown will cover the history between Bray Wyatt, Strowman, and the Wyatt family. There is are unknown stories about these two superstars. How did Strowman leave the Wyatt family?

Tamina defeated Sasha Banks.

Reaction: The match is for the number one contender opportunity. With the Money in the Bank Corporate Ladder's Match in place, how does earning a championship opportunity fit with this scenario? Tamina defeated Banks and should be named the actual number one contender. On the other hand, Banks has a date next week against Lacey Evans in the Money in the Bank qualifying match. Evans had Tamina's back tonight by attacking Bayley. I would expect Tamina at her side while Bayley looks in for Banks.

Sheamus defeated Denzel DeJournette.

Dejounettte is an NXT superstar who filled in to match against Sheamus. He is from North Carolina and currently attends Appalachian State University, intending to earn a Master's degree in Exercise Science. Maybe, Dejounette needed to evaluate the Brogue kick from Sheamus to understand the impact a person can suffer from the Celtic Warrior.

At the end of the match, Sheamus disregarded the social distancing by exchanging a few words to Michael Cole about focusing on his victory and not transition to anyone else.

Cole's next segment was the focus on Jeff Hardy. With Sheamus upset, it is only bright that it will be a higher chance to see a match between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy soon.

Dana Brooke upsets Naomi in Money in the Bank Qualifier.

Reaction: Before the match, Carmella did not believe Brooke would defeat Naomi. Mella wanted her to focus for next week as they will get a chance on winning the Women's Tag Team titles from Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. However, Brooke did not pay any mind as she went out to the ring and proved herself that she could win. Naomi could not put Brooke away as she got rolled up into a three count. I do not think anyone saw this coming.

Sonya Deville played Devil's Advocate.

Deville begged for Mandy Rose to come out and talk. She wanted to clear the entire mess and move on. I thought she was going to admit that she was in love with her. However, that was not the case. Deville called Rose, the most selfish woman she had ever met. These are some strong words, especially that they have been together for five years. Dolph Ziggler came in to calm the situation and chat with Rose about their feelings. Otis comes to the rescue, and the fight breaks out. I will not be surprised if the WWE schedules a mix tag match between these four superstars.

Daniel Bryan qualifies for Money in the Bank.

Cesaro came off from a WrestleMania win by defeating Drew Gulak. Bryan lost to Sami Zayn. A match where both these superstars are experts in their craft, Bryan and Cesaro delivered one of the best performances with no crowd in attendance. Sadly, Cesaro did not win the match. Adding Cesaro to the Money in the Bank would be epic. Bryan is already on fire and looks to be favorite, as of now, to win the briefcase.

King Corbin attacks Elias.

Another coward move by Corbin. Corbin lost to Elias at WrestleMania. He returns to FOX and attacks from behind. Just like any other opponent, Corbin has to have the last word. Corbin does not know how to stay focus on the match when it does not go his way. He would instead yell at the referee than continuing to dominate the task at hand. Therefore, Corbin needed to release some steam on Elias and prevent him from going to the ring and sing for the Universe.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Uh-Oh! We have a (((NEW))) Smackdown Tag Team Champion...Big E and the NEW DAY! The A-lister, The Miz, had the figure four lock on Jey Uso, but Big E recuperated and swiftly got back in the ring, lifted the Miz in the air, propping him on his shoulder and executed the "Big Ending" for the win.

Reaction: I am shocked at the result. The New Day become the eight-time tag team champions. They are one away from tying the Dudley Brothers. For the Usos, it is another disappointment and a missed opportunity. The Miz being the fall guy, may not sit well with John Morrison. Would Morrison turn his back on The Miz similar to nine years ago when the Miz did to him? Or, will they regroup and have another tag team championship match with revenge?