Social Media Violations


WWE has issued a full statement on third-party violations in regards to social media.  Last November, Zelina Vega, a former WWE talent & superstar, was fired for launching an OnlyFans account.  According to WWE, it was a violation of a third-party violation.  Wrestling Inc reported that WWE issued a statement in regards to such act that prevents superstars in monetizing with any third-party business, person, brand or charity.  Although the policy existed and pertained to Twich, Cameo, and other platforms, WWE expressed an extended list that included Twitter and Instagram.  

WWE has invested in their superstars by creating, promoting its intellectual property.  In other words, they contract the superstars to represent WWE and all of its features.  Therefore, superstars must oblige by the rules and seek permission for any outside source.  At this moment, no superstar cannot be engage with third parties.