Sonya Deville Attacks Mandy Rose


Mandy Rose panned on going out with Otis on an official date. She promised to take him to his favorite barbecue place to dine and romance. Rose needed to freshen up first, so Otis went to find Tucker.

Unexpectedly, Sonya Deville assaulted Rose at full blitz. Deville went on "crazy-mode" and furiously smudged make-up all over her face. She took a pair of scissors and took a chunk off her hair. As Deville attempted to use the clippers, the officials intervened and stopped the madness.

Deville is no longer an enemy to Rose. She is officially a psychopath. Deville has lost her mind and obsess to humiliate Rose at all cost.

For Rose, she is now experiencing a traumatic moment and will somehow bounce back with a new look. How far will these two superstars go with this storyline? These two superstars deserve to have their own "No-Holds-Barred Match" for Summerslam.

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