Super Bowl Prediction


by: Hector Vasquez

Superbowl LV

Kansas City Chiefs vs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers




In a year of challenging circumstances and complete uncertainty, two teams have finally arrived at the top of the Mt Everett of the NFL, Superbowl LV. As a fan, it's impressive to see the NFL navigate through the pandemic and able to get to complete the season. The NFC & AFC conference championship games lived up to the hype and didn't disappoint. Although my success in choosing the correct winners failed, I am not disappointed with the outcome. We are all in for a treat on February 7. Tom Brady will be playing his 10th Superbowl, first in the NFC. Patrick Mahomes is the defending champion seeking a repeat for the first time since the New England Patriots did it with Tom Brady in 2003-04 & 2004-05.

For Green Bay Packers, history continues to haunt them with their unsuccessful championship games. The Buffalo Bills performed very well and should repeat and head back to the playoffs next season.

Fun facts:

Brady vs. Kansas City. 7-5 all time

Brady vs. Mahomes. 2-2 tie

Tampa Bay leads Kansas City all-time series 7-6

Kansas City defeated Tampa Bay in week 12 this season, 27-24. Mahomes went 37-of-49 completions, 462 passing yards, and three touchdowns, while Brady went 27-of-41 completions, 345 passing yards, three touchdowns with two interceptions.

The Buccaneers will make their 2nd Superbowl appearance and the Chiefs 4th Superbowl appearance.

Raymond James Stadium will host their third Super Bowl (January 28, 2001, Baltimore 34 NY Giants February 7, and February 1, 2009, Pittsburgh 27 Arizona 23.

The AFC is 2-0

Tampa Bay will be the first team to play a home game in the Superbowl.

Kansas City is playing their 4th different opponent.

(Green Bay, Minnesota, San Francisco, Tampa Bay)

Tom Brady part of two Superbowl first:

1-First overtime game (LI February 5, 2017, vs. Atlanta)

2-First SB home game (LV February 7, 2021, vs. Kansas City)

Prediction Summary:

The Chiefs won the previous meeting 27-24.  In reference to the game,  Tampa Bays' secondary will have to make adjustments, and the big key here is to make sure they have Antonie Windfield Jr and Jordan Whitehead healthy and ready. Travis Kelce presents a threat in the middle of the field, but if Tampa Bay applies pressure on the defense with Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaquil Barrett, they can interrupt the Mahomes scheme. It seems as if the defense on both sides will have to step up their game because both offenses have elite quarterbacks and plenty of star-studded firepowers.

Kansas City has the better head coach. There is no doubt Tom Brady is the best quarterback in NFL history; however, Patrick Mahomes has proven to be his kryptonite. So before I make my pick, I ask you, who has the most pressure to win? Brady, because of what he has cemented in his career. He attempts to add to his legacy. However, Mahomes will be defending his championship? For this reason, the game will be awesome, and I can't wait! Home field advantage may not be a factor in two weeks for the Bucs, or will it?


Bonus: Final score 37-30