Survivor Series 2022 - Good, Bad, and Ugly


The Good, the bad, the ugly

The Good

Austin Theory becomes a two-time United States Champion by winning the triple threat match against Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins. Rollins seemed to be in control toward the end. He curb-stomped Lashley. Then, Rollins tangled with Theory. Once Rollins executed the Falcon Arrow on Theory, Lashley delivered the spear. That resulted in Theory landing on Rollins for the pin.

For Austin Theory, he demonstrated the right attitude to pursue the championship. Yes, he had the assist, but that is the price when you are in a triple-threat match.

What is next for these superstars?

My prediction will be that Lashley and Theory go head to head. Ali may try to end his feud with Rollins. However, Rollins will have another agenda. Whenever he seems to clear his path for the world title picture, someone always interferes and gets into his face. This time, expect Rollins to float around with matches and seek his prize at the Royal Rumble to pursue Roman Reigns.

Another "Good" was the relationship between Sami Zayn and the Bloodline. Roman Reigns, the Tribal Chief, has demonstrated his abilities to be a leader. He motivates others to achieve something new and better. For example, he challenged the Usos to become the undisputed tag team champions. At Survivor Series WarGames, Reigns allowed Zayn to prove his loyalty to the Bloodline by sending him in front of Jimmy Uso to the cage and helping Jey Uso. Fast forwarding to the end, Zayn was clutch as he grabbed the referee's arm to prevent the count of three. That saved Reigns from being pinned by Kevin Owens. Then, Zayn argued with Owens about loyalty. He hit a low blow to Owens, setting up Jey Uso to execute the winning splash. The Honorary Uce and Jey hugged it along with the Bloodline in celebration of their victory.

What is next? The Bloodline will celebrate, but I do not think Kevin Owens will let it rest. Another superstar to consider is Karrion Kross. Kross has made known that he is after Roman Reigns and will do things solo without any assistance. The Usos should find themselves defending their tag team titles before the holidays.

"The Bad"

Becky Lynch returned to action since WrestleMania. She took the win by jumping from the top of the cage and landing a leg drop on Damage CTRL. Lynch is the face of the women's division, but Belair is the WWE Raw Women's Champion. Rhea Ripley and Bayley were not much of a star heels as they are perceived to be. And as stated earlier, Damage CTRL are the tag team champions that took the pin.

What is next? The women's division on Raw and Smackdown seemed to be in a stalemate. There needs to be a new direction with a spark. It is time to dispatch Charlotte Flair and bring in Sasha Banks (if considering wrestling again) to bring the excitement.

What is the angle for Nikki Cross? Who will Damage CTRL defend their titles to? Will Alexa Bliss continue to be Asuka's partner or drift to the Bray Wyatt storyline?

The Ugly

The Smackdown Women's Championship was more of a break to get drinks or use the potty. Shotzi is an incredible competitor, and I hope to see her as a champion someday. However, Ronda Rousey, with Shayna Baszler on her side, will be tough to take the title away. Shotzi is beginning her bully storyline that has yet to be that popular. She was just a heel and now turned babyface. Ronda defeated Shotzi to retain her title.

Another ugly match was AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor. Styles and Balor had an epic match. The ending had me scratching my head as to why it ended that way. The finish could have been more memorable to talk about for the next Raw episode.

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