Tag Team Turmoil Tournament 1980s Bracket Round One


The HHWShow Podcast debuted the Tag Team Turmoil Tournament.  Hector Vasquez hosted the show with a panel of five.  Each had credible arguments selecting their winners.  As round one is complete, there was a discrepancy with one match.  U.S. Express vs. Strike Force match was calculated inaccurately.  Tyler and Joe selected US Express while Hector chose Strike Force.  However, Jace did not make a selection and Ovi chose the wrong team.  Hector went back and replayed the segment and decided that both teams will advance.  Strike Force, US Express, and Wild Samoans will battle in a triple threat match.  

Listen to the HHWShow Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube this Tuesday, 08:00 pm ET for Round 2 in the 1980s Bracketology.  

Who do you select to advance to the next round and who is your overall 1980s bracket winner?  You vote will count.