Talking Smack is Back


The wrestling community is spreading the word that "Talking Smack" is coming back to the WWE Network.  Their last episode was on March 11, 2018 that followed after WWE Fastlane.  Renee Young hosted an all-star panel that discussed topics behind the scenes.  However, with Renee Young departing WWE, who will be the host?  Here are the potential leads for the show in order:

1. Charly Caruso - she is a ring announcer, television host, and journalist.  She has worked in ESPN and local FOX and CBS affiliates in her hometown of Indianapolis.  

2. Scott Stanford - He is the host of "This Week in WWE."  Stanford is a five-time New York Emmy Award winner in sportscaster on both TV and radio.  

3. Booker T and Mark Henry - Both Hall of Famers worked at FOX Sports with Renee Young.  Since FOX canceled the show, they both can talk smack on the WWE Network.

4. Ember Moon - She went on Istragram stating she had an announcement.  However, she left everyone hanging as the suspense continues.  Maybe this was the secret she withheld.  

Others to consider but not likely, Kayla Braxton, Mike Rome, or Paige.  

Who do you think will host Talking Smack?