The Iron Sheik dead at 80

photo from WWE
photo from WWE

It is with great sadness to learn that the Iron Sheik passed away on Wednesday, June 7, at age 80.  

As of late, the most memorable moments is reading his tweets.  He mostly tweeted by adding comments with the "F" bombs.  Nonetheless, the legend is gone but his memories in the wrestling ring will forever live on.  

I started watching WWE, from what I remembered, when Sheik was the world heavyweight champion. Little that I knew at that time, Hulk Hogan replaced Bob Backlund for a championship title match.  In Madison Square Garden, Hogan defeated Sheik which launched the stardom of "Hulkamania."  

The Iron Sheik feuded with SGT Slaughter and later teamed up with Nikolai Volkoff to become world tag team champions.  In the 80s, Sheik was a common enemy from real events happening around the world.  Adding Volkoff cemented of a more bigger heal.  The United States were in a cold war with Russia and Iraq was at war with Iran.  

The Iron Sheik put himself to elevate others around him.  He was the most hated during the 80s to the most beloved person at the end of his wrestling career.  People do cheer for him, especially when he was inducted to the Hall of Fame.  

The Iron Sheik will be missed.  My condolence to the his family, friends, and fans.