The Miz and Bad Bunny


The Miz has been busy as of late in planning his successful cash-in Money In the Bank briefcase. He has 80 days left and counting for the contract to expire. Also, the Miz has a feud with Bad Bunny.

The Miz was interviewed by TMZ explaining that he would "break the dude's jaw." At the Royal Rumble, Miz tried to persuade Bad Bunny to collaborate in a music project. After Bad Bunny rejected his offer, Miz took his frustration by smashing Bad Bunny's DJ equipment. Bad Bunny helped eliminate Miz and his partner John Morrison by approaching the ring during the rumble. Damian Priest clothes-lined both over the ropes.

"Stay in your lane! Like that's what you do! I'm a WWE superstar! That is what I do; that is my job! You are a musician! Be a musician!"

It has been rumored that Bad Bunny is training at the WWE Performance Center. Also, there may be a scheduled match - Bad Bunny & Damian Priest vs. Miz & Morrison.

Miz is completely occupied and one has to wonder if he will be able to cash-in the briefcase and deal with Bad Bunny. We do know that the time is running out for The Miz.