The Rock enforces leverage for upcoming WrestleMania match

Cody Rhodes slaps The Rock at the end of Smackdown.
Cody Rhodes slaps The Rock at the end of Smackdown.

With a voiceful sound on Smackdown, Seth Rollins accepted the challenge as he and Cody Rhodes will challenge The Rock and Roman Reigns on Night 1 of WrestleMania 40. The Rock explained several times that should Rhodes win; he would be accessible on Night 2 of WrestleMania to finish his story without any Bloodline interference. However, when The Rock and Reigns win, it's Bloodline rules. Anything will go, and The Rock will ensure he does everything he can to prevent Rhodes from becoming the champion.  

But that is not all that The Rock mentioned on Smackdown. Not only is he preventing Rhodes from winning the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship, but The Rock wants the WWE Heavyweight Championship gone, a belt that Rollins won and continues to defend the inauguration title. After all, The Rock is the boss. 

Key Notes:

1. The Rock made a bold statement that he is the boss. Yes, Dwayne Johnson has been the director of TKO Group Holdings since January 23, 2024. However, there are 12 directors on the board, including Nick Khan, who served as Chief Executive Officer of WWE and President & Chief Revenue Officer. Ariel Emanual is the Executive Chair and Chief Executive Officer of TKO Group Holdings. Therefore, the decision-making goes beyond The Rock when he claims he is the boss.  

2. Paul "Triple H" Levesque is the Chief Content Officer. Although he is the WWE's CCO, Ari Emanuel appointed Triple H to supersede Vince McMahon in all duties. I wonder if this will come into play at The Rock. 

Seth Rollins accepts the challenge from The Rock.
Seth Rollins accepts the challenge from The Rock.

3. The Rock has mentioned being the boss many times. It reminds the WWE Universe of Vince McMahon when he used to abuse his authority. Another authority to say this was the corporate authorities. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H ran down Raw and Smackdown with their abusive power. Eventually, the authorities found themselves relieved of their duties. 

4. But there is more - The Rock was appointed to the board of directors. This happened after Vince McMahon stepped down due to their alleged role in sexual assault, trafficking, and physical abuse. The Rock stepped in and bought the XFL, an American football league, which Vince McMahon started up for the second time but filed for bankruptcy. All this is a coincidence!

5. The WWE established a new world heavyweight championship belt on April 24, 2023. The current champion is Seth Rollins, who defeated AJ Styles in a tournament final at Night of Champions on May 27, 2023. The Rock mentioned the title to go away should the Bloodline become victorious at WrestleMania 40. No wonder Seth Rollins wanted to team up with Cody Rhodes. If Seth helps Cody finish the story, it is a win for both superstars. Drew McIntyre, winner of the Elimination Chamber and the number one contender to challenge Rollins for the championship title, warned him to stay away and focus only on their match.