“The Truth Will be Heard”


During Smackdown on FOX, the hacker who is responsible for the glitches spoke on the show and revealed the conspiracy into Otis and Mandy Rose Valentine's fall out. Ziggler and Sonya Deville were behind a set up to dismiss the idea of having Rose and Otis hook up and go on a Valentine's date.

The whole thing went down after the Ziggler and Ticker Knight match when the hacker posted a video showing evidence at Deville. The hacker stated, "The Truth Will be Heard" and so it did. Deville was seen texting on Rose's phone to mislead Otis on being late for the date. When Otis arrived, Ziggler was sitting with Rose in the restaurant. Another image captured Deville discussing a plan with Ziggler privately. Ziggler's comment was heard, "...I definitely look forward to a wedding."

Ziggler's comment was so openly stated that left me wondering if he did it for him or for Deville. On the Podcast, I mentioned several times since the Royal Rumble that Deville is in love with Rose. She would do anything for her. Setting up Ziggler to go between Otis and Rose backfired and who knows what can happen next. Otis and Ziggler are scheduled to match-up this weekend, at WrestleMania.

Here are a few questions that I have in mind that need to be answered:

  1. What was Sonya Deville's attention?

  2. Will Sonya admit she is in love with her?

  3. Does Ziggler really like Mandy Rose?

  4. Is Ziggler just going for the ride?

  5. Will Mandy be at Otis's side at WrestleMania?

The storyline is so great that it needs to be more than three days (three Smackdown episodes or more) to get the real juicy details out.