The Undertaker's Retirement


Bruce Prichard Comments on the The Undertaker's Retirement with Newsweek.  

"It's a mutual trust between two men in that The Undertaker is the guy who has always been there. He never threatened to leave, he never held it over Vince's head when everyone else was leaving in droves. Taker was the one on the front lines. He was the one guy you can count on that when everything was breaking down he was going to stand there steadfast and fight to the bitter end, no questions asked. You didn't have to ask for his loyalty. You didn't have to ask "if you're with me." That's just the relationship between him and Vince. It's a mutual trust and friendship. Sometimes it's a love/hate situation, but the basis is based on respect and love. Both of them trust the other one and will do anything they can for each other.

I think he'll let Taker decide on his own, but I guarantee you that it'll be a mutual decision. I think it'll be a decision that they'll discuss and mutually agree upon. If Vince thinks he can get one more out of him or Taker feels he has one more left in him, the other will respect that and make it work."

The Undertaker's documentary is called "The Last Ride." Taker, Mark William Calaway, is 55 years old and by the time WrestleMania 37 comes around, he will reach 56.  If you seen the documentary, you would know how much pain he goes through after each major matches.  How will The Undertaker determine which one will be his last?  I have a prediction:

WrestleMania 37 should be his last.  I could not see it any other way that the grandest stage will be the ultimate success for him.  The person to do it would be John Cena.  Taker mentioned that he wanted to apologize to Cena about the short match they had at WrestleMania.  Although it was designed to be that way, Cena is the face of WWE, a future hall of famer that did not deserve to have a short match.  

Another superstar to consider would be A.J. Styles.  Before Styles left WWE RAW, he saw a glimpse on the documentary preview.  He threw his glove on the floor displeased.  Could A.J. Styles want one more match with the deadman?  

Lastly, I could think one more person that fits the description to bury the Undertaker - The Fiend.  The match would not be a cinematic showcase like Cena vs. The Fiend.  It would be a casket match where the winner must put their opponent in the casket and close it.  Once it is sealed, the casket is taken to the grave sight and be buried six feet under.  

Who would The Undertaker challenge at his last match? Which WWE PPV will he retire?