The Velveteen Dream on the HOT SEAT!


WWE NXT Superstar Velveteen Dream is on the hot seat. Back in April, Dream became the main topic in the Wrestling Community when he was accused of sending inappropriate photos to underage fans. The accusers were 17, 15, and 16. Dream (real name Patrick Clark) denied these allegations. It stated that there would be an investigation of how his pictures leaked on Instagram.

Furthermore, displayed an article about The "Mat Men Podcast" tweeted that Dream will be terminated soon from WWE. They heard from two sources that have direct knowledge inside the WWE confirming it could be a possibility.

In the June 24 episode of NXT, Dream did not appear in the show. The storyline was for Dream and Dexter Lumis to find a way to become tag teams against the Undisputed Era. Lumis was by himself and won by forfeit after Roderick Strong did not show up for his match.

More into the days of the pink slip, Sean Ross Sapp of tweeted that there might be more to details than the allegations. He went on to say that the possible firing may not have to do with any of the claims.

On June 19, Dream was involved in a car accident. He was released, but no further details were mentioned. We can only assume that there may be a pattern of misconduct in which WWE may be forced to terminate his contract. All this is speculation, but it may be the right thing to do if it is true. Here's why:

The Speaking Out Movement has trended worldwide, giving victims the power to address their past on Twitter. Dream's allegations have presented itself again, and fans are wondering what is going to happen. ESPN officially reported that Ligero, Travis Banks, and Jack Gallagher were released and that their profiles have been wiped out of the WWE website. We live in this era that you are guilty until proven innocent. As Karrion Kross motto in NXT goes, Tick Tock for The Velveteen Dream. His days are numbered and he may as well be on his way out.

What do you think will happen with Velveteen Dream? What rumors have you heard? Let us know.