Tom Phillips released


Many in the wrestling community have reported that Tom Phillips was released yesterday from being a WWE commentator.  The fans let their thoughts heard about their feelings after finding out Phillips will no longer be a part of WWE.  

Adnan Virk was released last Tuesday and is replaced by Jimmy Smith, a former UFC and Bellator commentator.  According to Matt Black from Sportskeeda, Phillips had been a part of WWE for over a decasde and called numerous matches.  He has worked in Smackdown, Raw, and 205Live.  For Phillips, he has a fan base in which many will follow should he land another pro wrestling commentator role.  

But for now, he and many others have joined Phillips in the massive turbulence that WWE has done by releasing superstars, referees, and other employees to fix their budget or other necessary needs for the WWE company.  

Personally, I wish everyone the best that are affected by their swift departure.