Top WrestleMania Matches Part 1


The first night of WrestleMania consisted in eight matches.  Which eight matches made the top three?

#3 Braun Strowman filled in Roman Reigns spot and did not disappoint.  After losing the Intercontinental title, Strowman found a way to get back and win another world title.  The Monster Among Men survived three spears from Goldberg.  Refusing to go down, Strowman power slammed Goldberg four consecutive times for the win.  

#2 Kevin Owens could had let the match go by accepting the disqualification win.  However, Owens convinced Rollins to get back in the ring for a no disqualification match.  Owens created a WrestleMania moment by jumping off the huge WrestleMania sign and landing on the Rollins who was lying on the annoucer's table and crashed through.  Both superstars were brilliant.  

#1 The Undertaker proved to the whole world that age is not a factor when it comes to a fight.  Taker defeated the cockiness AJ Styles in a barn yard match.  Undertaker came in riding his bike like the American Badass.  The movie scene made Undertaker look young and dominant.  The deadman buried AJ Styles and took out Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows throughout the process.