Tribal Chief's Right Hand Man?


A king's right-hand man is often called a Royal Advisor. However, the title can vary and may include another formal title. The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, is the current undisputed universal champion, who had Jey Uso as his first right-hand man. The main event is that Jey Uso did Roman's dirty work. Since his departure, it has been Solo Sikoa. But things took a turn in recent events at WrestleMania Kickoff in Las Vegas. You can look at the picture and see who is walking as the right-hand man. 

The above image is an impression of Paul Heyman witnessing The Rock slapping Cody Rhodes. The Rock took the actor Will Smith's playbook, offended by Rhodes's response to Reigns.  

But why is the Rock slapping Rhodes? Rhodes directed the comment towards Reigns. Yet, Reigns stood there tall, staring at Rhodes with no urgency in wanting to stomp on him.  

I expect that once Cody Rhodes's attention is over, The Rock will take down Roman Reigns, leading to either a Summerslam or WrestleMania 41 main event.