Ultimate Women of Wrestling - UWW2 results


The UWW completed its second event.  Two superstars made history and others welcomed for the first time.  Six high profile matches with main event being Big Swole vs Diamante.   Here are the results: 

The Renegade Twins defeated Alice Blair & Johnnie Robbie

Charlotte and Robyn return to UWW for the second time and made history by being the first tag team to win twice ( 2 Wins 0 Losses).  In a 15 minute time limit, they were able to hold off Blair and Robbie.  The Twins' experience were a major factor that resulted in  a double choke slam for the victory.  The Renegade Twins were just as good as the first time - ruthless with aggression.  Next month, UWW will start a title tournament and as of now, Renegade Twins look to be the front runners for the tag team championship.

Zeda Zhang defeated Rachelle Riveter

The match card changed as Mazzerati was replaced by Riveter.  There was no explanation as to why a sudden change.  However, it did not stop Zhang from winning her match.  Noteworthy, she executed her signature move that is a powerslam brain-buster that laid out Riveter.  Zhang becomes the first singles competitor to reach 2-0.  

Alex Gracias defeated Lilith Grimm

Gracias did not quit throughout the match.  Grimm dominated most of the match and it seemed as if she would win.  Gracias escaped the gream reaper hold and sacrificed her body by jumping from the top turnbuckle and landed on Grimm outside the ring.  Grimm would recover quickly and attack Gracias while out of the ring.  Later, Grimm guided Gracias back in the ring.  Grimm got distracted during the process by a fan and without realizing, Gracias rolled up on her for the three count.  Gracias wins (1-1).  

Viva Van defeated Sandra Moone

Although the initial match card had Moone vs Gracia, Moone faced Viva Van in which could be debatable as "the match that stole the night."  Both superstars gave a full action pack wrestling match.  At the end, Van slammed Moone towards the turnbuckle.  Then, with Moone seated on Van's neck, Van back-slammed Moone on the canvas and rolled her awkwardly for the pin.  

Lei'D Tapa defeated Mylo MacDaddy

Tapa showed her height and strength against Mylo.  Mylo did her best to fight hard but was no match.  During the middle of the match, it seemed as Tapa would repeat her actions like UWW1 by arguing with a fan.  It gave Mylo a small chance to redeem herself.  While Mylo had the momentum, it would later shatter in devastation mode.  Mylo jumped from the top turnbuckle, only to meet Tapa's right fist.  Tapa won by pin but it could had been ruled a knockout. 

Diamante defeated Big Swole

This match had so much action.  As Charlie Haas, the commentator, explained, he stated similarities of maneuvers by calling a few a "Shade of Steve Austin", "Chris Benoit elbow" and more.  The match went outside the ring as Big Swole threw Diamante on top of a fan in the front row.  After both superstars returned in the ring, Diamante tried to take off the padding of the turnbuckle on one side.  The referee intervened and she walked to the other side and removed the second level turnbuckle padding.  It resulted Big Swole to get slammed face first in the corner.  Diamante would eventually pick up the win.  / After the match, Big Swole attacked Diamante because of her action.  


More on the Ultimate Women of Wrestling in the next HHWShow podcast.