Upcoming Feud Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley?


According to one source, journalist Tom Colohue, WWE is planning a future match between Lesnar and Lashley.  Quoted by IWNerd.com that Colohue stated, "The match with Lesnar is definitely still coming. Lashley has been very open, anytime he's asked anything. He returned to the WWE because he wants to take on Brock Lesnar. And the fact is, that this was something that he took into contract negotiations with the WWE when he made his return. He wanted that to be respected. It's definitely still coming."

How can this match be official?  Let's say that the plan is for SummerSlam 2020 and not WrestleMania, Lesnar would have to make his presence at BackLash and disrupt Drew McIntyre and Lashley.  The chaos would force a triple threat match and a long feud between two former MMA fighters and WWE World Champions.  

On another note, Drew McIntyre can still be champion and have Lesnar and Lashley battle it out without a title picture.  MVP may beg to differ on this scenario because he is preaching to Lashley to become a world champion again.  

Lashley is a former two-time ECW Champion, WWE United States Champion, and two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion.  Although ECW is not recognized as a World title, a WWE Championship around his waist will make him a triple crown winner.  

Brock Lesnar is a former eight-time World Champion, losing to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania.  Would he settle for Lashley without the title picture or will he go after McIntyre in a rematch to take back the WWE Championship? 

Lastly, Lesnar is a high demand marquee superstar that makes his presence when it counts the most:

SummerSlam 2012 submitted Triple H

SummerSlam 2013 defeated CM Punk in a no disqualification match

SummerSlam 2014 won the WWE Championship by pinning John Cena

SummerSlam 2015 lost to The Undertaker by submission

SummeSlam 2016 defeated Randy Orton, TKO

SummerSlam 2017 won the fatal four-way - Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe

SummerSlam 2018 lost the Universal title to Roman Reigns

SummerSlam 2019 lost the Universal Title to Seth Rollins

SummerSlam 2020 (?)

Lashley vs. Lesnar? or will WWE procrastinate and save it for WrestleMania 37?