Week 6 Results and Surprises


Uh Oh!  What happened?  More turbulence?  Oh yeah!  You got that right.  More top 25 teams fall in the current rankings and the defending champs are what has been said all along...Vulnerable!.  The Alabama Crimson Tide suffered a loss to the Aggies 41-38.  

Penn State and Iowa battled to the end.  But the Hawkeyes prevailed with an interception in Penn State's last drive 23-20.  

BYU, Arkansas, Auburn, Texas, all top 25 losers and the biggest loser is UCONN Huskies.  

UCONN lost to UMASS in the battle of the worst football organizations in FBS 2021.  

Here are my top 6 playoff prediction Week 7 rankings:

Georgia defeated Auburn 34-10.  The Bulldog defense has been the best as it ever had.  But, it can be argued that Iowa is not that far behind.  They are known for their defense too.  That is why both school, who have beaten their top 25 opponents on Saturday, deserve to be as the top 2 teams.  

The Bearcats battle each week with a victory over "then-9" Notre Dame.  

Oklahoma made a great comeback from a 28-7 deficit to win the game55-48 over Texas.  

Ohio State lost to Oregon in Week 2.  Since then, they have dominated on both sides of the ball.  Their schedule will get harder.  In two weeks, they will play Penn State and their last two games in the regular season will be Michigan State and Michigan.  

Alabama lose for the first time since November 30, 2019.  Nick Saban has never went finished undefeated in back-to-back seasons.  He has only finished twice undefeated throughout his coaching career.  Keep in mind that he has won six national championships with four being a one-loss team.  

Ovi's Week 7 Top 25