What is Immunize?

Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packer QB
Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packer QB
NFL star from the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers stated Tuesday that he takes "full responsibility" for his misleading comments about his vaccination status.  He revealed that he was not vaccinated against COVID-19 which led to many criticism amongst the media and fans.  Rodgers went on the Pat McAfee Show and shared his thoughts in which he stated, "I shared an opinion that is polarizing I get it.  I misled people about my status which I take full responsibility of.. I'm gonna continue to try and be the best version of me moving forward."  

Let's just get educated first.  How do you define immunize?  According to many dictionaries online, Immunize is slightly different than vaccinate.  It means to provide immunity from a specific disease.  While the goal across the nation is to vaccinate and protect everyone from diseases, not all vaccines provide permanent immunity.  The COVID 19 Vaccines help protect against severe illnesses with breakthrough cases.  

So, for Aaron Rodgers, he shared a polarized answer.  That means he answered the question from the media in a restrict way that is partial to what is was asked - "Are you vaccinated?"  Rodgers went on to say that he is an athlete and not an activist.  

Rodgers is the face of the NFL.  Rather he likes that or not, or rather his actions is as a player or in a political way, he will always be that guy that represents the NFL.  His actions will result in fines for violating league rules.  There is nobody in the NFL or any organization above or greater than anyone or anything. With all the drama in which Rodgers and the Packers had to deal with in the off season, Rodgers got the best from everyone.  He is defined as a person who thinks they can get away with it because of their status.  At the end, Rodgers failed himself and brought down the Green Bay Packers for negligence.  He put others at risk for not following the protocol.  What would happen if he gave someone the virus?  Is there a law that will prosecute him for being careless?  If you are not vaccinated, you must wear a mask in certain situations.  All NFL players must follow the rules - not a polarized decision for anyone, especially Aaron Rodgers.