What now? CFB Committee Playoff Rankings


Week 9 of the college football season has concluded, and now the college football playoff committee will take their stance on Tuesday to announce the first official top 25 rankings. So far, each week has been full of surprises, with so many top teams losing. On Saturday, nine top 25 teams lost to include three games that were playoff scenarios ( Michigan St over Michigan, Auburn over Ole Miss, and Ohio State over Penn State). Weeks 5 and 9 have been the highest upset games this season. But how will the CFB Playoff Committee place each team? Here is my top 25 prediction:

1. Georgia - The Bulldogs are by far the best football team. They have not allowed any opponent to score more than 13 points. Georgia defeated Florida 34-7. They are 4-0 versus top 25 opponents and have crushed the spread except Week 1 against Clemson.

2. Alabama - Bama is the best one-loss team and arguably the second-best team this season. They lost to Texas A&M 41-38 on the last-second 28-yard field goal by Aggies' Kicker Seth Small. However, the Crimson Tide have dominated each game and notably defeated Florida 31-29.

3. Michigan State - As I stated in the "All 4 Downs Podcast", Michigan State is the Cinderella team. Ohio State is overshadowing them. Remember that MSU is the only other Big Ten team to reach the college football semi-finals in the 2015-2016 season. They lost to Alabama 38-0. Last Saturday, MSU defeated Michigan 37-33 and was tied with Ohio State in the Big Ten East. Their next meet will be on November 20.

4. Oklahoma - After a disappointing win over Kansas last week (35-23 win), the Sooners took care of business against Texas Tech, 52-21 win. Caleb Williams outshined the competition by throwing 23/30 402 passing yards and six passing touchdowns. Because Oklahoma is in the "power five" conference, I believe they will rank fourth. However, I would not be surprised if they are outside looking in.

5. Ohio State - The Buckeyes won a must-win game over Penn State 33-24. For Penn State, they have lost three consecutive games, and it may be a long shot if Ohio State can be number 5. OSU lost to Oregon State in Week 2 and since changed their gameplay.

6. Cincinnati - The Bearcats are ranked 2 in the AP Polls. But will the CFB Playoff Committee sell it? Cincinnati's strength of schedule is feeble. Although they had defeated Notre Dame (24-13 win), the victories were against below-average schools. Most notable, the Bearcats have not performed well against Navy and Tulane.


by: Ovi Muniz

Podcaster and owner of website