When will Damian Priest cash in the money in the bank briefcase?


Damien Priest is the current undisputed tag team champion with Finn Balor.  He holds the money in the bank briefcase in which he won back in July 2023.  With less than six months until the expiration date, Priest will need to cash in for the world title or will be declined to do so.  So, when will he cash it in?  

Priest always looked up to Edge and always wanted advices from the legend.  Even though he ousted Edge from Judgment Day, it is clear that Priest is riding along the same path Edge had done back when he won the briefcase.  Edge cashed in on John Cena just three months before his deadline.  Therefore, what if Priest does the same thing and cashes the briefcase at WrestleMania 40?  That would be approximately three months before his deadline.  

Should the cash in take place, it would more than likely be for the World heavyweight Championship. Surprising would be if he crosses over to smackdown and win the Undisputed Championship.  

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