Where are they now?


We have two iconic legends/superstars battling for legacy. Styles match is with the Undertaker in a Boneyard match. Cena has a match with The Fiend in a FireFly Fun House match. There is zero knowledge of these types of matches that anyone in the WWE has experience.

AJ Styles opened the door wide open for the Undertaker to take aim at him. Before the Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, Styles would rant and state he was the best. He was better than Undertaker and other names he mentioned in his promo. At Super Showdown, Undertaker took out the O.C. and ruined AJ Styles' chance to earn a trophy in a gauntlet match. On Monday Night RAW, Styles lost to Aleister Black because of the Undertaker. It was only then that AJ Styles took it personally and verbally attacked Undertaker that included his wife Michelle McCool. Fast forward to WrestleMania, the combination of Undertaker and American Badass buried Styles for the win.

John Cena was defeated by "The Fiend" bray Wyatt. Together, they created a WrestleMania moment in a short clip movie production in "Firefly Fun House." The story spanned into Cena's career in what many in the WWE Universe ranted on social media. It brought back when Cena came in to the WWE to face Kurt Angle. Then, he was Mr T in a promo segment in which Wyatt mocked Hulk Hogan. Cena changed into Thug-a-nomics. Cena rhymed his way to anger Wyatt. Afterwards, we were taken into the WCW days where again, mocking Hulk Hogan in the process, came Cena with the NWO Championship belt. At the end, The Fiend applies the Mandible Claw. Wyatt gave the three count and the match was over. The Fiend made Cena disappear!

Now that WrestleMania is over. Styles is buried and Cena is gone. Where are they now?