Where is Bray Wyatt, The Fiend?


The third generation superstar has been out of television since WrestleMania 37 Night 2.  Bray Wyatt, better known as "The Fiend," lost a quick match to Randy Orton.  The distraction from Alexa Bliss cost The Fiend a victory.   There has not been any firefly funhouse or any part of The Fiend's existence especially in Bliss' playground with Lilly.  

Mike Johnson, from PWInsider, wrote in his blog that Wyatt is kept off television by purpose and that the match at WrestleMania went according as planned.  Randy Orton has moved on with Riddle as a tag team while Bliss enjoys her time with her new segment and a possible feud against Shayna Baszler.  So how is Wyatt able to return to television?  WWE is set to travel again and expect a huge crowd or maximum capacity starting in July.  The Fiend, which portrays as evil or demon, may return for Summerslam.  Summerslam is the second grandest event to WrestleMania.  That would be a great idea to make a comeback in Las Vegas.  The 'rumorville' is floating around about a couple of legends/superstars returning for the event.  If so, why not add on The Fiend?  

How would The Fiend return to the WWE?  Leave your comments below and share your thoughts!