Where was Roman Reigns?


Roman Reigns was not at Smackdown last Friday. Jimmy Uso took it upon himself to prove that he can be the right-hand man for the Universal Champion. However, things did not go as planned.

At the end of Smackdown, Uso called Edge to the ring. The cautious Edge believed that there would be a trap and that Reigns would come out of nowhere. However, Edge did confront Uso in which the brawl commenced. Edge delivered a spear that laid out Uso. Then, Edge grabbed the chair and broke a linear part of the chair he used in a crossface lock submission.

Where was Roman Reigns? That information has not been disclosed. However, I can come up with a prediction:

- Roman Reigns may have been seeking Jey Uso to come back to Smackdown. He believed that he could not rely on Jimmy to do the job; therefore, Jey may return next week to Smackdown.

- Reigns decided to take some time off. Knowing that Edge may seek for him, he wanted Edge to feel on top and then bury him in the next episode.

- Simply put, Reigns is the Head of the Table

and does what he wants, when he wants at any given time.  

Jimmy Uso did that stated that he is nobody's bitch. Edge identified that part during his promo, and Kevin Owens, a guest on Talking Smack, was surprised by Jimmy's action. How can the dysfunctional family reunite and operate as a family? Somehow or someway, Roman Reigns and the Usos will have to click together. And for Reigns, he is more than likely going to need the Usos while feuding with Edge.   

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