Who can defeat Roman Reigns?

At WrestleMania Backlash PPV, Roman Reigns successfully defended the title and defeated Cesaro fair and square. He needed no help to eliminate the competition. It is now the 11th title defense since winning the title back in WWE Payback on August 30, 2020. That equals 260 days and continuing! With Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, Edge, and Kevin Owens losing to the Head of the Table, a big question comes to mind. Who can beat Roman Reigns? I may have a definite answer as we read along in detail.

Big E - Big E has been recognized as a tremendous competitor, according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI). In 2011, he was ranked 215 of the 500 best singles wrestlers. This year, he is climbing the charts again, being that he is no longer a tag team. The former NXT Champion and former two-time Intercontinental Champion has no storyline. The WWE Universe has seen the Reigns' competition fall flat to the ground and Big E has the charisma, stamina, and athleticism to head with the champion. Big E can benefit from the storyline as he has a history with Jey Uso throughout his tenure as a tag team champion (New Day vs. The Usos). Although the twins have their differences, Big E can sneak in and find himself with the Universal Champion.

Although that might be a long shot, another superstar comes to mind that has a greater chance to take over Smackdown and become a Universal Champion. He is Seth Rollins! Rollins is a four-time world champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion, former United States Champion, Money in the Bank 2014 winner and a six-time tag team champion. Rollins did confront Reigns about an issue that resulted in Rollins losing against Cesaro in which the Usos intervened. That problem is technically not resolved the way Rollins wanted it to be handled. As of now, things are at a down low. WWE created a tease at the end of Backlash. We saw Rollins and Reigns face to face again. However, Rollins charged at Cesaro and punished him for making a mockery of him. But if anyone can take over as the head of the table, that would be Seth Freack'n Rollins. Rollins and Reigns are pretty much even when it comes to singles competition. Having their feud will be an epic storyline with a greater good to you need to acknowledge type of match.  However, there is one other superstar that can make a mark should he dismiss a certain throne.
The Artist or "King of Strong Style" Shinsuke Nakamura has matched against those that harm Cesaro. After all, they are both former tag team champions. Nakamura is a former world champion and can definitely create a spark in Smackdown.

Which superstar can dethrone the Head of the Table? Leave your comments below.