Who is Adnan Virk?


Adnan Virk is a Canadian sportscaster who is newly hired by the WWE to be the commentator for Monday Night Raw.  It has been mentioned by many wrestling community sources that the WWE was looking for a new direction in the commentary position, something that fans can relate too.  In Smackdown, Pat McAfee is a commentator along with Michael Cole.  Therefore, a new beginning is about to spark in a sporty way.  

Virk has been covering sports since 2003.  In April 2010, Virk joined ESPN and became an anchor and hosts to different programs such as Baseball Tonight, SportsCenter, Outside the Lines, and more.  He had fulfilled positions in the absence of other anchors and hosts throughout his tenure with the world leading sports channel.  However, in February 2019, Virk was fired due to leaked allegations.  Although many speculated their differences on the matter, Virk and ESPN agreed not to pursue legal actions against each other.  

Virk moved on was hired by DAZN and MLB Network where he continued his career covering baseball and other sports.  

Earlier in April, it was announced that Virk would make his debut on Raw as a play-by-play commentator.  Raj Giri from Wrestling INC. broke the news first that he would replace Tom Phillips.  

It is year 2021.  And as we adjust to the change in climate around the world, the WWE sees fit to make changes themselves.  The Canadian sportscaster will be in great hands and as time goes on, the wrestling community will feel more comfortable as Virk being the voice of Monday Night Raw.