Who is behind the Dark-Hoodie?


On Smackdown, there is a person of interest that is exploiting the truth about the WWE Superstars. We witnessed the lies that the hacker uncovered about Otis, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and Dolph Ziggler. New video broadcasted The Usos, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, The Miz & John Morrison, and extended exposure of The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E). I narrowed down potential suspects that are on the Smackdown roster, who have been AWOL.

Bo Dallas - He is a third-generation superstar who has not appeared on television since WWE Crown Jewel 2019 PPV. He and Curtis Axel lost to The New Day during the tag team turmoil match. The O.C. won the trophy. It has been 172 days and counting. Dallas did say he needed some time away to find himself. Unlike his brother, Bray Wyatt, he bo'lieved he had a purpose of changing. Afterward, he builds himself along with Axel to be an entourage and Team B.

Mustafa Ali - He has been away for 129-plus days. Ali is a former Chicago PD and has technical knowledge on how to investigate and seek justice. However, the motive is not entirely of a police officer but more of a stranger who exploits the truth and lets those involved solve the issues their way. Law enforcement personnel, for the most part, do train in audio and video surveillance.

Xavier Woods - Woods suffered an Achilles injury that is most likely a six-month recovery process. On April 3, 2020, the hacker made its presence to exploit Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler's lies. I would be curious if he returned without allowing his closest, The New Day, to know his whereabouts. There is an extended video image on Kofi Kingston and Big E walking and chatting. Has Woods been spying on his so-called brothers. "Some people keep their friends close. Others keep their enemy closer" - dark hoodie.

Woods is a graduate with a Masters's and Bachelors's degree in Psychology and philosophy. He is very knowledgable in tactics, human behavior, gaming, and more.

Shorty G - You never know what a person can do. No matter the size or shape of a person, you can never overlook someone and think that it may not be that person. Chad Cable changed his name to Shorty G to start his feud with King Corbin. He is a world-class athlete, a former Olympian who has in-ring abilities. Shorty G continues to overcome his shortcomings, where people like Baron Corbin and Sheamus continue to mock him for being short. Maybe he is building up for something huge. In such, people these days like to speak like a big man behind a monitor at home instead of approaching people directly.

Most people may want to believe that Mustafa Ali is the guy behind the computers. The glitches and symbols match Ali's costume. However, could it be misleading and be another superstar? Who do you think is behind the dark-hoodie? 

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